Radial Treemap for US Auto Sales

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006

Here is another example of a Radial Treemap (or Multi-Level Pie Chart). See the previous post for an introduction to the idea.

This chart shows US auto sales for Jan-Jun 2006 using data from Morgan and Company. I've shown detail graphs for both Asian and European brands as well.

Some quick take aways:

  • European and Asian brands are approaching 50% of sales
  • North American brands are showing negative growth compared to last year
  • European and Asian brands are showing positive growth overall compared to last year
  • Toyota sales are about the same as Chrysler's and are approaching Fords.

  • Volvo, Saab, and especially Jaguar have negative growth
  • Land Rover showing exceptionally strong growth (+28%)

  • Nissan and Mitsubishi have negative growth
  • Suzuki showing exceptionally strong growth (+36%)


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